DJ: Tijana Golubović

Radio Belgrade 2

Tijana Golubovic, born Stankovic, is the Music Editor and host of the radio show Od zlata jabuka which has been on air since 1986.  The show is one hour long and is broadcast Monday to Friday at 11 AM, on the culture channel of the national radio of Serbia – Radio Belgrade 2 on 97.6 FM. It is an award-winning show with the highest ratings on Radio Belgrade. The focus of this show is to present past and present discography of traditional and world music artists from Serbia and the Balkans, and it covers other ethnomusicological and ethnological themes as well. In addition to this, the show reviews various traditional and world music events held in Serbia for Radio Belgrade 2 and various printed media. Other than Od zlata jabuka, Tijana presents current world music releases in the show Vreme muzike once a month.

Tijana grew up surrounded by traditional songs from the Balkans. Subsequently, her studies of Ethnomusicology at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad have broadened her interests in traditional music. There she developed a taste in harsh, abstract improvisation which shaped her present repertoire. Her key tools – the violin and voice in traditional, world or contemporary music – are equally incorporated in every band, orchestra, or free formation she was involved in with since 2003.