DJ: Sonia Frías

Since I discovered the radio, it was clear to me that it was where I wanted to navigate. So, in the year 2000, four years after graduating in Journalism from the Complutense University of Madrid, I started Entrelares, a program dedicated to root music. Since then it has been broadcast on Radio Círculo (, a cultural radio station belonging to the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. Entrelares has become a national reference program to give visibility to traditional music, mainly Spanish, but also from other countries.

Countless musicians have passed through Entrelares during all these years. Eliseo Parra, Lila Downs, Totó la Momposina, Dulce Pontes, Ana Alcaide, El Naán, Sés, Xabier Díaz, are just some of the musicians who have told us about their work on our microphones. We have also talked about practically all the traditional and folk music festivals that have been held in Spain.

Entrelares is also broadcast on a platform for folk programs in Spain called Radio Crónica Folk Musical (, and it was broadcast on M21, the municipal station of the Madrid City Council.

I have participated in several conferences and have presented many festivals. In addition, I have collaborated in specialized magazines such as Batonga!, Ritmos del Mundo or Interfolk.

Entrelares can be heard on: