DJ: Emir Fulurija

Radio Student

I'm born in Dubrovnik, Croatia, 26th of February, 1979.  After finishing high school in my hometown, I went to Zagreb where I studied journalism. Parallel with my study, I started to work on Radio Student and in some clubs as a DJ. After finishing study I lived in both Dubrovnik and Zagreb, and in last 5 years I'm only in Zagreb. About 11 years ago I start to get interest in world music and I organised some DJ nights in Dubrovnik and Zagreb with that kind of music. I also write about world music and other musical genres on webzine where I'm one of the editors. A few years ago I started a podcast called Izvorišta (croatian ancient word for 'water springs') on Pot lista and from this season Izvorišta iz aired od Radio Student every Wednesday from 7 to 8 pm.

Radio Student is the radio where students of journalism from Faculty of political sciences in Zagreb during the morning hours have their practice. On afternoons and nights program of Radio Student is much different, mostly not edited by the students. Radio Student is on air for 18 years, and it is emitted on 100,5 MHz in the wider area od Zagreb, the Croatian capital in which live a quarter of Croatian population. Over the years, Radio Student is profiled as the only alternative radio in Zagreb where you can hear different, non-commercial music and also suc talk shows.