DJ: Drago Vovk


Drago Vovk is an author of music programmes and a DJ, worked at Radio Student and for many years at Radio Slovenia and in 1993 founded his own Radio Sraka to refresh the work with his recording studio and record company Sraka with something new. Started writing about music in 1972 and wrote for Dzuboks (Serbia), Start (Croatia), Folk News (England) and many papers in Slovenia. In recent years he writes about music and tourism for the popular Slovenian weekly Reporter and on Fridays he writes and edits a page on mostly Slovenian folk and traditional music in the best selling Slovenian daily paper, Slovenske novice. His popular weekly programme on radio Slovenia, almost 30 years ago, was named "World Music" a few years before the international term "World music" was invented. Radio Sraka nowadays plays mostly Slovene folk and pop music but on Monday evenings (from 8 to 12 p. m.) it's four hours with world and ethno music, folk, jazz, blues, country etc. There is also music from the WMCE, new releases, interviews etc.

When he was younger he was several times visiting the festivals like Womad, Reading, Rotterdam, Montreux, Cambridge and Vienna Folk festivals, and in last years he visited many music events around the globe, like the Rainforest World music Festival in Borneo, Tejano/Conjunto festival in San Antonio, Texas and New Orleans Jazz and Heritage festival, various theatre festivals in Latin America, etc. He used to be also a promoter and did Slovenian tours for many world famous artists. In recent times he is doing a research about "ways and subways of the diatonic accordion from Germany in 1821 to Slovenia, Texas, Mexico, Colombia, Canada...". He speaks several languages and is also a wine expert, an official degustator with a licence from the Ministry of agriculture in Slovenia. In his house he settled a music museum with photos, posters, LP’s, magazines and papers from 1966 onwards. More about his work could be seen and read at: