DJ: Marcello Lorrai

Radio Popolare Milano

Radio Popolare was the only private broadcaster from Italy to enter the World Music Charts Europe after the self-exclusion of the RAI. At first it was a kind of alternative ranking, an alternative to the hit parades driven by the majors.

Radio Popolare has committed itself to world music a long time ago, when it was not fashionable. MUSIC FROM THE WORLD is the space of depth that allows you to switch from listening to songs of ethnographic encounter and contamination. It 's the place where you meet the Mandinka Griot and the gypsies in Bulgaria, New York bassist and zarbista Iranian singer and guitarist Sami Cuban. To confirm that these frequencies of "no one is a stranger."
My program with world music is entitled "Musiche dal Mondo" and is on air Thursday from 10 to 10:30 pm.