DJ: Maciej Szajkowski

Jedynka Polskie Radio

Maciej Szajkowski (born 1975) - promoter, journalist, musician and activist with 20 years of experience. Journalist of Polish Radio 4 (“FOLK OFF!” weekly broadcast) and Polish Radio 1 (“Eastern Front” 2-weekly broadcast). Member of the Programme Council of Warsaw Cross Culture Festival, one of the “Songlines 25 of the Best International Festivals”. Together with CM Records produced the first qawwali CDs and concerts in Poland: of Fareed Ayaz & Abu Muhammad (live, 2009) and of Amjad Farid Sabri (live, 2012). Winner of prestigious “POLITYKA Passport” Award (popular music category, 2012). Founder and musician of Warsaw Village Band, R.U.T.A., previously in Village Kollektiv, Masala Soundsystem, Antidotum. V-ce President of the Ethnic Arts Association “Transetnika”.