DJ: Johann Kneihs



Hello! You know best: There is a lot to explore on our planet. And what better travel guide is there than music?
Listeners to Austrian Public Radio’s channel Ö1, its information, culture and educational channel, are curious about the world’s music: Music that tells stories about people and places, past and present. North to South, West to East, from Sami Yoik to South African Kwela, from Brazilian Forró to throat singing from Tuva.
Johann Kneihs started working for Austrian Radio in 1980, some years before coming of age, and in spite of trying various other avenues (architecture, film, academic studies) somehow always gravitated back to the radio. He reports on cultural goings-on, co-hosts a talk show and presents music in various programmes: Spielräume, Diagonal, Jazztime.
Spielräume is a play on words: room to play, leeway, freedom of decision. The show by this name is a daily (except for Saturdays) half hour at prime time (17:30) dedicated to all kinds of non-classical music. Tuesdays, especially, centre on traditional and world music.
Diagonal (Saturdays at 17:00) is Austrian Radio’s weekend feature supplement, two hours on (usually) one topic viewed from different angles and accompanied by relevant, or simply interesting, music of all genres and from all parts of the world.