World Music Workshop of the European Broadcasting Union

Launched in 1985, the annual EBU World Music Workshop (WMW) highlights the importance of this music profile in public service radio stations. It offers Euroradio members the opportunity to exchange music, experiences and projects. The WMW is held in conjunction with the WOMEX, the internationally famous fair dedicated to World and Roots Music. In 2018 it was held on the African continent for th first time, kindly hosted by Visa for Music in Rabta/Morocco.

The EBU World Music Workshop supports the World Music Charts Europe (WMCE).


The World Music Workshop always deals with a variety hot topics. This was the agenda in 2018 at WOMEX :

  • World Music Award in Putin's Russia (Arne Berg, Oslo; Daryana Antipowa, Moscow)
  • Recording the Ukrainian heritage: (Miklos Both, Project-manager from Budapest; Weyer Balasz, Budapest)
  • Survey and analysis: Where the African broadcasting royalties money gets lost (Sigbjörn Nedland, Christiansand)
  • Shall there be another EBU - UNHCR Refugees project? (Johannes Theurer, Berlin)
  • The AfriCourage Festival broadcast project end of 2019 in the Gambia (Waagan & Francis of Black Lynx, The Gambia)
  • WOMEX academy: journalists and promotors from Gambia, Senegal and other countries pay a visit and discuss the reality of African music business
  • Introducing the next EBU workshop destinantion: Visa for Music - the workshop, concert live-recordings, etc. (Festival director Brahim El Mezned, Rabat)
  • Visting artist: Kiran Ahluwalia about South-South music crossover and more.
  • What happens in the East? The Visegrad World Music - catching up with the world? (Petr Doruczka, Prague: Weyer Balazs, Budapest; Bojan Djordjevic, Belgrade)
  • EBU-project: SIMPLY THE BEST! Initiative to stimulate the compliation and exchange of live-concerts of annual top10 of WMCE artists for broadcast. (Laurent Marceau, EBU)