DJ: Max Reinhardt


BBC Radio3

Max cannot deny he is a mixed bag, but the contents all revolve around music: he's one of the regular presenters on that voyage into uncharted waters that is Radio 3's Late Junction, but also crops up on the BBC World Service intermittently, and on other networks. With Rita Ray, he's put together a host of innovative club nights in the UK and internationally like The Shrine and before that The Mambo Inn, and with Rita shares Artistic Directorship of several music festivals including Celebrating Sanctuary. They also curate/ consult  with a number of venues and other festivals as well as tour internationally as the band 'Shrine Synchro System'. Max is also musical director/composer at the 'Oily Cart'. Established in 1981, Oily Cart works entirely with children, many with complex disabilities, and often in special schools."Where Oily Cart has gone before, mainstream theatre for adults often follows a couple of years later." (Lyn Gardner, in The Guardian


Late Junction is a late late show, broadcast 3 nights a week on BBC Radio 3, the BBC's Classical music station. On Late Junction however a whole host of musical genres come together as we explore lesser known musical shores from Ancient to Modern, from Sound Art and Electronic Music, via World, Dub, Folk and Rap to Jazz, Contemporary or Classical.



United Kingdom

BBC  Radio3