Stefan Schumi

Radio AGORA 105|5

Born 1977, he already started collecting records as a child, besides being very interested in music equipment and instruments. His passion for music led him into DJing lots of genres, from Balkans to Dub and Reggae, from World Music through Jazz into all varieties of electronic music. As „DJ S. Putnik“ or „Putin da Rekord“, he was resident DJ at the „Russian Style Diskoteka“ series and performed in Austrian clubs like Postgarage, PPC, Flex and Ost-Klub or on festivals like „Geschichtsforum 89|09“ and „Theaterformen“ in Berlin.

As senior music editor he is responsible for the music program of Radio AGORA 105|5. Radio AGORA is a non-commercial radio station located in Klagenfurt/Celovec in Austria, sending program in German and Slovene language for the minority of Slovene ethnicity, living within borders of the Austrian states Carinthia and Styria. The daily afternoon show “Divan” plus the weekly shows “Druga Glasba” and “Kaleidoskop” are related to World and Folk music with focus on the region between Alps, Adriatic Sea and the Balkans.