DJ: Lara López

Radio 3 RNE

MP is an unpredictable space, in which music is protagonist. The new features review each album, showing more than only a piece, so that the listener can enjoy and have a global idea of the complete work. Sometimes, the glance is pointed in the artist: it is then when we chatted with him. In the interviews, you are not going to listen to the questions. The reflections of the author and their work follow one pieece after another, will give you the chance to understand in one hour the concept of the project.

Other times, the authors (not always musical, writers, painters, dj´s...) invite to us to listen to their favorite discs. Músicas Posibles. Possible musics. A space in which to enjoy the Nobel prize Jose Saramago(to whom we play music of Eleni Karaindrou) to the National Price of Literature Bernardo Atxaga, whose disc book New Etipopía released in the program. The music in between these seven years? Kasse Mady Diabate, Orchestra Baobab, Salif Keita, Miquel Gil, Ruper Ordorika, Jabier Muguruza, Lydia Pujol, Jorge Drexler, Oumou Sangaré, Ismael Lô, The blind boys of Alabama, Hector Zazou, Lhasa, Ojos de Brujo, 08001...