DJ: Kleszcz Wlodzimierez

Polskie Radio 2

Wlodzimierz Kleszcz /-Tutka (Traditional familiar highlanders nickname officialy given by Trebunie family in February 1995), born 27 July 1949 in Lublin

The journalist:

Radio, TV, articles in music magazines, artistic management of festivals, artistic images creator, elaboration of the repertoire: records, concerts from the music, literary and scenic aspect, the author of songs words and scripts of documentaries, festivals, shows in TVP.
- from 1972: editorial colaborator of RH - The Youth Radiostation - national network
- from 1980: full time working producer and dj in Polskie Radio - national network

now full time working producer and dj in Folk Radio Centre of Polskie Radio weekly authorial shows:

Polskie Radio 2 - "Kleszczowisko" sat.23.30-2.00 and monthly: Polskie Radio 1 – "WORLD MUSIC CHARTS EUROPE - Review & News" every first Wed. of the month at 0.07 – 3.00 .( Listen - Jedynka = PR1; Dwojka = PR2)and releasing his own projects CDs on his label KAMAHUK.


Professional interests:

Pan-African music, incl: Reggae, Blues, Latin, Brasilian, Afro…and all artistic "World Music".

Greatest personal achievements: Daughter MAJA (24) singer, bass cello - leading with her husband Woj Krzak small Lena and "Warsaw Village Band" ; "IncarNations’".

Daughter AGNIESZKA violinist (19) National Prize "Golden Microphone" in 2000 year.