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Compiled on behalf of the Worldmusic Workshop of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) by Johannes Theurer.

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World Music Workshop of the European Broadcasting Union

Launched in 1985, the annual EBU World Music Workshop (WMW) highlights the importance of this music profile in public service radio stations. It offers Euroradio members the opportunity to exchange music, experiences and projects. The WMW is held in conjunction with the WOMEX, the internationally famous fair dedicated to World and Roots Music. The EBU World Music Workshop supports the World Music Charts Europe (WMCE).


The World Music Workshop was packed with a variety of hot topics. We learned a lot  about Poland, our host country, from artists kindly visiting the workshop.

These are main topics from 2017th Workshop, which was held in Katowice in the Muzeum Slaskie (2 floors under the earth)

Special projects:

      1.   Collaboration with the Classical Music Festival in Dhaka (Jakub Borysiak, PL)

      2.   Bénin International Music (BIM) recordings (Hervé Riesen, F)

      3.  The LusAfro-Projekt of WDR 2017 (Francis Gay, D)


Africa Calling?

  1. The African Dream competition and jury (Daniel Brown, F)
  1. Who knows „“? (Johannes Theurer, D)
  2. Jens Cording, Siemens Foundation: history and challenges of
  3. Philip Küppers, Goethe Institute, ‘Roots & Respect’ – a project
  4. Eddie Hatitye (Ghana/Johannesburg, editor Music in Africa) (10 Min)


Recording activities during WOMEX:

-          The radio studio

-          Recording the concerts for Program exchange

Maciej Szajkowski (Warsaw Village Band, Polskie Radio) with an introduction to today‘sPolish ethno/folk scene featuring:

            Zdzisław Kwapiński Band,

            the Carniacy Choir

             Odpoczno and Opocznianka bands           

A visit by L.U.C: Rebel Babel – The Hiphop and European brass project

Remixes of ancient Bengali music (Georgios Markakis, Greece)

 Reinventing the Czech tradition: Dálava Project (Julia Ulehla, Czech Rep/Canada)

The EBU Music music study and trends in World Music Radio across Europe (Laurent Marceau, Pascal Labvrie, Switzerland)

Election of the chairman: Johannes Theurer was reelected unanimously