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WOMEX Label Award Winner in 2016

WOMEX 17 Label Award


For the fourth time in a row, Glitterbeat took home the WOMEX Label Award and joined us again in Katowice, Poland. The WOMEX Label Award is based on combined monthly chart results and the expertise of international experts including radio broadcasters and journalists. Glitterbeat is the label that has the most popular releases in the network this year.




WOMEX 17 Top 20 Labels

1. Glitterbeat Records (Germany)

2. Harmonia Mundi / World Village / Jazz Village (France/USA/UK/Spain)

3. ARC Music (UK)

4. Buda Musique (France)

5. World Music Network / Riverboat Records (UK)

6. Crammed Discs (Belgium)

7. World Circuit (UK)

8. Lusafrica (France)

9. Six Degrees Records (USA)

10. Real World Records (UK)

11. Mais Um Discos (UK)

12. Stern’s (UK)

13. Mix et Métisse (France)

14. Muziekpublique (Belgium)

15. Nø Førmat! (France)

16. Galileo MC (Spain/Germany)

17. Fol Música (Spain)

18. Asphalt Tango Records (Germany)

19. Akerö Records (Finland)

20. Nubenegra (Spain)